EMPFANGSHALLE was founded in 2001 by the artist duo Corbinian Böhm and Michael Gruber and since then has made a name for itself for art in public space.
This artist duo has developed an expanded concept of art based on communication and cooperation. Through this new form, which also includes cooperation in practical matters, a solid company structure has emerged. A network of over 30 independent artists make up the backbone of EMPFANGSHALLE. Jointly used studios make possible living and working for a synergetic network of artists.

In addition to free-standing works of art, EMPFANGSHALLE also carries out crafts commissions with artistic standards. The range of their crafts commissions extends from film and theatre sets to accoutrements for churches. This creative-economy collective has stood for the highest artistic quality for many years.

Art projects, exhibitions and applied-arts commissions are carried out collectively. Lively exchange is part and parcel of everyday life, in particular during the numerous events where the art scene regularly gathers.