Aki Sasamoto Performance: Good Tool

May 16th - May 16th, 2012

Gallery Diet is pleased to present Good Tool, a one-time performance by Aki Sasamoto. This is the artist’s first performance at the gallery.
Special thanks to the Fountainhead Residency.


“As a teenage backpacker, I gained 33 lbs. over one summer,
traveling through the Middle East. I fell in love with the idea of
hummus as a main course. I fell in love with nut shops, with the
endless dub rhythms of bite, salt, crack, open, seed, chew, swallow
(repeated until the bag of sunflower seeds was empty). I fell in love
with a girl. I fell in love with clothing without zippers.

Interesting thoughts originate outside of us, especially the intensely
fresh ones. I want an idea to look fat and juicy, full and
floating about in the distance. It waits to encounter you, for you
to get the right pointy tool to aim towards it, popping it open to
release its fragrance.

After the summer, when I returned to the anorexic city of Tokyo,
I ran into an unintentionally evil English teacher from my former
school, who said to me: ‘You look like a huge balloon, about to
pop. What has happened to you, Miss Sasamoto?’
I was full of ideas.”

(excerpt from “Molasses,” a booklet published on the occasion of an exhibition, A Likeness Has Blisters, at CCS Bard, April 29, 2012)


About the artist:

Aki Sasamoto is a Japanese artist based in New York who works in performance, sculpture, dance, and other mediums. Her works have been shown in performing arts and visual arts venues in New York and abroad. Aside from her solo work, she collaborates with artists in visual arts, music, and dance and takes on multiple roles as dancer, sculptor, or director. Sasamoto co-founded Culture Push, a non- profit organization in which diverse professionals meet through artist-led projects and cross-disciplinary symposia.