ART BLOG ART BLOG presents Leave it to Beavers curated by Gina Beavers

May 25th - July 14th, 2012

Gallery Diet is extremely pleased to announce the opening of Leave it to Beavers curated by Gina Beavers. This show is the first in a two-part series of exhibitions ART BLOG ART BLOG is presenting at Gallery Diet during the summer of 2012. The second exhibition in the series will be curated by Van Hanos.

Leave it to Beavers features works by

Carla Edwards
Christy Gast
Anya Kielar
Fabienne Lasserre
Ella Kruglyanskaya
Katherine Bernhardt
Letha Wilson
Denise Kupferschmidt
Holly Coulis
Lia Lowenthal

ABAB: Who are you?

GB: Gina Beavers

ABAB: What are you?

GB: An artist, a curator, a teacher.

ABAB: What do these artists do?

GB: Video, sculpture, paintings, photographs, hybrids. They might also teach, curate, style, collaborate, DJ.

ABAB: Who are they to you?

GB: The girl-crush, the muse, the soul-sister, the BFF, the mentor.

ABAB: How did you discover their work?

GB: Through friends recently, saw their work on ART BLOG ART BLOG, known forever, stalked online, just met, collaborated with, put me in important shows, had important shows, gave a talk, in a show together.

ABAB: How would you describe their work?

GB: Ground-breaking, diverse, intuitive, conceptual, mind-bending, live-wire, insane, baddass, hysterical, moving, horizon-expanding, free, experimental, so smart, perfect.

ART BLOG ART BLOG is a curatorial project by Joshua Abelow.  From a recent interview with Abelow, “Intitially the blog was a way for me to contextualize my own work alongside artworks and text by other artists and writers I was interested in, and it still is that.  But, it’s also a way for me to curate in the simplest way possible.  To call a gallery space a blog is something that had never been done before and I think it generated a lot of interest because of that simple gesture.  It created an element of confusion – like what is ART BLOG ART BLOG – a gallery, a blog, or a website?  And, for a temporary period, it was all three.”

Last summer in New York, ART BLOG ART BLOG presented ten exhibitions at a temporary location on the 11th floor of 508 West 26th Street.  The location was generously donated to Joshua Abelow by the painter, Ross Bleckner.  Abelow’s new book, Painter’s Journal, describes in detail his first year living in New York in the late 90’s working for Bleckner as a studio assistant.