Banter, Curated by James Cope

November 7th - November 30th, 2013

Borden Capalino
Marianne Eigenheer
Brian Fridge
Nicolas Lobo
Nathlie Provosty
Cordy Ryman

By definition, banter means to joke around, make fun of, and be loud. The exhibition, by contrast, is about the quiet moments that are a part of contemporary art and its system. Joseph Kosuth said, “art is about meaning.” Here, the making of art and its meaning has no direct association with any particular visible experience, but instead develops from an inward and strictly personal experience.

New York based artist Borden Capalino uses materials such as recycled lumber, plastic tarps, cardboard, fallen wood, and general detritus to re-examine minimalism in the context of demise, desperation, and decay.

Swiss artist Marianne Eigenheer’s work includes interdisciplinary projects with scientists, anthropologists, and designers. She is particularly interested in ‘glocal’ issues – cross-cultural research and new media.

Texas based artist Brian Fridge creates distinctly low-tech videos, operating with a minimalist’s mentality. By restricting his palette, tools, and scope, Fridge challenges both himself and the viewer with slow-moving abstract images and forms.

Miami based artist Nicolas Lobo’s sculptural practice is predicated on pursuing the inaccessible and the intangible. He attempts to translate these metaphysical “things” that are beyond our cognitive realm of understanding into physical volumes and forms.

New York based artist Nathlie Provosty’s work is a meditation on the lineage of materials, wherein she creates visually compelling investigations into the history of recurring geometric forms.

New York based artist Cordy Ryman’s work ranges from small to large scale and often interacts with the spaces in which they are presented. When Ryman works on a smaller scale, his paintings tend to be saturated with paint, transforming the nature of the scrap materials he works with. The undulating surfaces of these works push the boundary between sculpture and painting.

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