Daniel Peet and JJ PEET In Proximity

April 19th - June 1st, 2013

JJ and Daniel Peet grew up a little wild on the banks of the Mississippi River.  They are the sons of an antique dealer mother and a father who had various small businesses.

Daniel, the elder, raised three small children; JJ went to Yale for his MFA.

Showing and telling
Day to day tool
Standard Units
Time Collector
Nexus Moment
Making Moves
Notches in your gun belt
Bringing objects through

Communication would be sporadic; remembrances of earlier conversations, intermittent pictures and short emails. The games of their youth informed many bodies of work for each of them; in the form of photography for Daniel and sculpture, film and installation for JJ.

Daniel Peet’s photographs are a visual tour of the disarming, forgotten, and astonishing scenes he comes across scouring the streets of his hometown, Saint Paul, Minnesota. In addition, he has made large photographic panels featuring what he calls Everyday Objects.

JJ PEET has been the Resistance, the Luxury Leader, and the Sunday Painter. His work is produced inside a series of small studios. He makes paintings, sculptures, film and drawing.

Their collaborative exhibition will be on view at Gallery Diet. This is the first time Daniel is exhibiting in Miami. This will be JJ’s second exhibition at Diet.