Diamonds, Diamonds curated by Daniel Feinberg

February 20th - March 31st, 2013

Diamonds, Diamonds curated by Daniel Feinberg

Everything you’ve heard about diamonds is true. They really are slippery jewels that glisten and sparkle in the sunshine. The wettest diamonds are especially radiant. Touching a wet diamond for the first time imprints memories that leave a lifetime of traces. There isn’t an experience quite like holding a wet diamond as it perspires between your fingers. The firm pit of the diamond that lies within the soft padding around its angles is a magic center where an intensity of joy is released. Dipping your hands into a diamond mine, bringing your treasure up to the surface, and plunging your face into the jagged spectrum of their light is a moment of calm natural serenity. Placing a flawless wet diamond into your very own jewelry box is a sacred moment. Like the rising of the sun above the gently breaking waves around you the jewelry box bursts into an index of transcendent pleasures. White lights dance beneath your eyelids, big stars explode into a sky full of bright white dots, and the world fades into a variety of color. Open your jewelry box and let the diamonds spill out onto the sheets. Displaying your gems on creamy satin or exotic animal skins is the optimal condition for encouraging their flushed fragrant bloom. Drop them into aquatic pools and watch them drizzle to the waterbed. Love their precious versatility because it is their virtue. – Jon Leon

Gallery Diet and Daniel Feinberg are excited to present 10 artists working in the fields of drawing, painting, photography and sculpture in the exhibition opening Wednesday February 20. Concurrent with Diamonds, Diamondswill be High Frontiers, a survey of the artist, writer and musician Claire L. Evans in the Project Room.

Diamonds, Diamonds

w/ Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Nadia Ayari,  Lisa Beck, Barb Choit, Evie Falci, Kathryn Garcia, Michelle Lopez, Davina Semo, Amy Yao,  and Tamara Zahaykevich.

High Frontiers

Claire L. Evans will present a multisensory survey of her technological thing-vision in objects and videos, scent and literature.  Collected in one place for the first time, and largely new to the world, this presentation will be, as Mark von Schlegell writes about her work, a room of networked science fictions [where] young women’s minds will meet the shock of the “demoniac glimpse” of the technologically-accessed modern real, and in the temporary safety of this new Dark Age see the stars.

C.L.E. will be performing a new speculative fiction called “Emotional Bandwidth Solutions” at 8pm on the opening evening, Wednesday February 20.

This will also be the occasion for the release of High Frontiers, a new collection of essays by C.L.E. published by Publication Studio.

Daniel Feinberg lives in New York. He has been a poet, curator, artist, liaison, dealer and critic. He is currently at work on a novel.


Continuing Education
By Michael Bilsborough
February 18th 2013

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