Emmett Moore at Collective Design

March 9th - March 11th, 2018

This collection of five rugs explores intersections between digital design processes and physical production methods and materials. Each rug presents a duality of a grid-based pattern combined with a natural material, digitally altered and collaged. Stripes and checkers represent a human-made balance of positive and negative space filtered through a distorted lens. Both patterns start out on paper and are physically altered by various means to break their rigid geometry. These patterns are overlaid on digitized patterns derived from marble, granite, and terrazzo taken from stock photography. Some of the rugs retain a visible watermark or a digital signature by the artist as a reference to their origin and the computer-aided process. Breaking the orthogonal frame, each rug has a unique contour defined by the shapes in the patterns and varying piles heights creating a textured sculptural relief.


About Nina Johnson

Nina Johnson is a contemporary art space in Miami, Florida. Since 2007, the gallery has produced exhibitions by emerging and established artists from around the world. The gallery works alongside artists to produce ambitious projects both within the confines of the gallery space and beyond.


About Odabashian

Since 1921, Odabashian has stood for quality hand made rugs that are valued by our clients for their design, their materials and their workmanship. In addition to using world class artists, architects and designers for our collaborations, we manufacture only using premium materials from personally-picked suppliers and weavers that share our ethical values and meet our stringent quality demands. Odabashian weaves stories.