Emmett Moore: Counter – Production

August 20th - August 31st, 2013

Technologies like 3D printing are having a massive impact on product design through their ability to produce a ‘rapid prototype’ and are expected to revolutionize production through customization by allowing the consumer to tailor a product to their specific needs.  CNC(computer numerical control)-Milling has allowed for the production of large digital designs and the use of natural materials such as wood through a subtractive process as opposed to the additive process utilized in 3D printing.

Emmett Moore will be showing a new approach for designing a one-off piece using contemporary production methods and CAD(computer-aided design) software that is available for free online.  The table is a landscape of function incorporating contemporary technologies.  It represents one iteration of a an infinite number of possibilities but retains the potential for mass production. Emmett Moore is a contemporary designer working in Miami, Florida, his works have been exhibited at The Miami Art Museum, Locust Projects and Gallery Diet, this is Emmett’s second exhibition at Gallery Diet.

Counter – Production is the fourth exhibition in a series for the summer of 2013 which highlights one work at a time for periods of two to three weeks. This series of exhibitions drives the viewers’ attention toward a single work within each artist’s practice. New work by Bhakti Baxter will also be exhibited, previous artists exhibited include Allan Graham, Nathlie Provosty, and Christy Gast. In lieu of an opening reception, each exhibition is accompanied by unique programming chosen by the artist. Please stay posted for details regarding Emmett’s choice of programming.