Gean Moreno, Ernesto Oroza: Pre-City

October 8th - November 20th, 2010


Gallery Diet is pleased to present Pre-City, a solo exhibition of collaborative works by Gean Moreno and Ernesto Oroza. With the works in this exhibition, Moreno and Oroza speculate on what they call the pre-city, a kind of abstract plane or pliable region made up of the different shapes and materials that determine what the city will look like. They propose that the city is already compressed in the range of materials, repeating objects and standard metrics found in construction material depots, lumber yards, roofing companies, landscaping nurseries, and home improvement stores. The pre-city is a series of codes that have yet to be arranged and coupled into larger assemblages. The exhibition will include “diagrammatic lamps”; “photographs” made out of materials printed in newspapers, magazine and catalogues; a new tabloid; domestic tableaux; and collages.