: Oh Nancy

June 13th - August 1st, 2009

June 13th – August 1st, 2009
Oh Nancy founded by Nate Wellman and Fionn McCabe
Curated by Brian Burkhardt

Oh Nancy is a vehicle for artists that provides them with a pre-existing narrative structure into which they can fit their work. By having a constantly open submission process Nate Wellman and Fionn McCabe become instigators of a larger phenomena which has grown to include jewelry makers, photographers, sculptors, conceptual artists, and various other kinds of contemporary thinkers and object makers. The narrative, which includes a classic heroine and battling forces of good and evil is manifested through traditional American characters such as football players, monsters, and blonde damsels in distress. The exhibition at Gallery Diet will bring together all of these media, and the work of over thirty artists.