High Frontiers: A survey of Claire L. Evans

February 20th - March 31st, 2013

Claire L. Evans will present a multisensory survey of her technological thing-vision in objects and videos, scent and literature.  Collected in one place for the first time, and largely new to the world, this presentation will be, as Mark von Schlegell writes about her work, a room of networked science fictions [where] young women’s minds will meet the shock of the “demoniac glimpse” of the technologically-accessed modern real, and in the temporary safety of this new Dark Age see the stars.

C.L.E. will be performing a new speculative fiction called “Emotional Bandwidth Solutions” at 8pm on the opening evening, Wednesday February 20.

This will also be the occasion for the release of High Frontiers, a new collection of essays by C.L.E. published by Publication Studio.