Katie Stout: Narcissus

December 4th, 2017 - January 6th, 2018

Nina Johnson is pleased to announce Narcissus, an exhibition of new work by Katie Stout, opening with a public reception on December 4th (7-9pm), and remaining on view until January 6th. Across a range of functional objects, the Brooklyn-based Stout has become one of the most talked about designers of her generation. Whether working within the functional logic of lighting, seating, or shelving, or with mirrored or textile surfaces, Stout recasts the domestic world in her own, singular way—the effects being both absurd and abject, playful and sinister.

Stout’s recent work has engaged notions of coming of age. In Narcissus we find Stout’s girl turned into a woman, one who not only conveys her role in life through her material surroundings, but also in her ability to leave untouched that which is naturally beautiful. This exhibition takes a lurid approach to what is normally considered decorative architecture, re-thinking the female form through its role in classical objects of function; a Venetian Moore lamp, a stool, a vanity, a mirror, a chandelier and tapestry.

Stout’s furniture is haunted by the period pieces she took as inspiration, and, through embroidered bodies, the people that could have once used them. A group of stools are dispersed through the space. Each anthropomorphizes into a female form. One breastfeeds. The uncanny union of body and furniture speaks to the social power of domestic spaces, the power to, quite literally, shape the people we become. By holding up a smoked mirror to our familiar spaces, Stout replaces the known, communal world with one of individual fantasy.

About Katie Stout

Katie Stout is a graduate of RISD, her work has been exhibited at the MCA Santa Barbara, Design Miami, Miami, Design Miami/Basel, Salon 94, Karma, and R20th. She has been featured in T Magazine, Forbes,New York Magazine, W Magazine, Cultured, and various other publications. Katie had her first solo exhibition with Gallery Diet in 2015.

About Nina Johnson Gallery

Nina Johnson is a contemporary art space in Miami, Florida. Opened as Gallery Diet in 2007, the gallery has produced exhibitions by emerging and established artists from around the world.

  • Installation View.
  • Shelfish, 2017 Metal, wood, resin, paper mache. 71 x 47 x 14 in.
  • Narcissus Chandelier, 2017 Ceramic 28 x 28 x 16
  • And the Other is Gold, 2017 Ceramic, resin 60 x 26 x 15 in.
  • Butt to Butt, 2017 Resin, paper mache 31 x 25 x 19 in.
  • Blue Girl Sitting, 2017. Embroidery on silk. 98 x 57 in.
  • Shelfish, 2017 Metal, wood, resin, paper mache 71 x 47 x 14 in. Detail
  • Installation View.
  • Yogaball Stool, 2017 Wood 24 x 24 x 24 in
  • And the Other is Gold, 2017 Ceramic, resin 60 x 26 x 15 in. Detail
  • Shady Lady Lamp (Single), 2017 Ceramic 13 x 9 x 8 in.
  • Swipe Right Desk, 2017 Wood 29 x 51 x 20 in.
  • Swipe Right Stool, 2017 Wood 19 x 22 x 18 in.
  • Installation View.
  • Narcissus Mirror, 2017 Resin, paper mache, mirror 61 x 44 x 18 in.