The Underline

January 14th - March 11th, 2017

The Underline, Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department and Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs’ Art in Public Places program are pleased to announce the inaugural public art program for The Underline, a planned world-class linear park designed to transform the underutilized land below Miami-Dade’s Metrorail into an urban trail and art destination.

These projects include four commissions by Miami-based artists Bhakti Baxter, Naomi Fisher, Nicolas Lobo, and Agustina Woodgate will take place throughout a 9.7-mile corridor which includes eight Metrorail Station locations between the Brickell neighborhood and business district and Dadeland South.

Nicolas Lobo presents The Brutal Workout VI a participatory artwork functioning as a mobile exercise station and critique of self-improvement. Flexibly designed to address different parts of the body as it rests on any one of its six sides, the 10’ by 10’ cube framework of stainless steel echoes the Brutalist, utilitarian aesthetic of the Miami Metrorail transit system itself. Throughout the course of the temporary intervention, the artwork will inhabit four different locations along the linear park of The Underline, changing its orientation.  Metrorail Station Locations (Exterior): Brickell (January 14 – February 2), University (February 3 – February 11), Coconut Grove (February 11-20), Douglas Road (February 21 – February 28), Vizcaya, (February 29 – March 11).

For Metro Flower Power, Bhakti Baxter will create unique live floral planting arrangements for the interiors of each of the eight Metrorail Stations located along The Underline. For the installation, Baxter will fabricate sculptural planters responding to different local aesthetics. Each station will be formally unique—engaging Art Deco, industrial materials like cement and steel, and traditional ceramics, celebrating the daily commute of many. After the duration of these living artworks conclude, the native tropical plants will be relocated outside of the stations and into The Underline linear park itself, to remain as part of the park’s landscape, allowing the temporary project to carry on indefinitely. Metrorail Station Locations (Interior): Brickell, Vizcaya, Coconut Grove, Douglas Road, University, South Miami, Dadeland North, Dadeland South.

For more information about the Art in Public Places Program and the Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs, please go to and

  • Nicolas Lobo, The Brutal Workout. Installation at Brickell Metrorail Station.
  • Bhakti Baxter, Metro Flower Power I, 2016.
  • Nicolas Lobo, The Brutal Workout.
  • The Brutal Workout, installation at Brickell MetroRail station.
  • Bhakti Baxter, Metro Flower Power III, 2016. Old MetroRail chairs, organic matter.
  • Bhakti Baxter, Metro Flower Power V, 2016. Metal, mesh, organic matter.
  • Bhakti Baxter, Metro Flower Power II, 2016. Steel, ceramic, organic matter.
  • Bhakti Baxter, Metro Flower Power II, 2016. Steel, powder coat, organic matter.
  • Bhakti Baxter, Metro Flower Power VI, 2016. Ceramic, paint, organic matter.
  • Metro Flower Power VIII, 2016. Fiberglass, paint, organic matter.