Nicolas Lobo: Timber, lakes

April 11th - April 11th, 2013

Timber, lakes
Thursday, April 11th, 2013 6 – 9 PM

Nicolas Lobo and Gallery Diet invite you to a listening party for Justin Timberlake’s comeback album “The 20/20 Experience.” Derided by critics as a mediocre effort, “The 20/20 Experience” serves as sonic fodder for Lobo’s ongoing experiments with deconstructed pop music. For one night ONLY the gallery will be filled with the sounds of Timberlake’s album disassembled into their most basic components. The audio is the product of the mobile app “Purple-goo,” a collaborative invention of Nicolas Lobo and Dylan Romer, which will be released mid-May. In addition to sound, a selection of Lobo’s recent drawings and sculptures will be on view. Timber, lakes is the first in a series of ongoing one-night solo exhibitions by Lobo planned in between regular gallery programming.

In the projects room Lobo has chosen to screen “Fashion shows” by Bernadette Corporation
 “From 1995 to 1997, Bernadette Corporation constituted itself as an underground fashion label based in New York, complete with a head designer and four well-received runway shows. Drawing on the vernacular of local subcultures, from recent immigrant communities to the downtown fashion scene itself, the label’s collections can be seen as a self-consciously critical examination of social codes and their expression through industrial nexuses of power and money. The shows themselves, which are documented on this video as “a condensed history of anti-fashion,” send up the spectacular nature of the fashion industry, incorporating such trappings as bear-costumed mascots, troupes of high-school dancers, and jets of fire.”

Nicolas Lobo designs systems of assimilation, looking to digest as much cultural and physical material as possible. Absorbing discrete objects rather than attempting to invest individual artworks with meaning his primary goal is one of consumption rather than production.

Image: Michael Jackson’s Ear, copyright Goff Images