Richard Höglund: CEM

January 12th - February 2nd, 2008


The drawing is not the mirror. The skies, the earth and the self are not reflected, but considered. The mirror is the surface of apparent surfaces, the original diabolic device. () The drawing is the incised surface. And the incisions, like all incisions, reveal that which was concealed within.

CEM is an abbreviation found here & there in the writings of Paul Valéry. Valéry often used abbreviations and Greek letters in the margins of his writings as content markers, to indicate the overriding theme of a given passage. CEM, to the contrary, did not appear in the margins, but in the text itself, indicating with a brief gesture an entire field of complex interactions. Corps Esprit Monde

  • Ivana Basic, Sew my eyelids shut from the others, 2016