Richard Höglund: Hysterical. Sublime.

January 6th - February 11th, 2012

“Hysterical. Sublime..” brings together work from an ongoing research both for and into the sublime. No longer a notion limited to the grandiose natural experience, the pain pleasure paradox of the sublime is found within the fissures that compromise our constructed quotidiens. If the quintessential abyss is within rather than without? If we are not so much on the edge of the infinite as we are chained to the rock of it’s indescribable epicenter? That which is beyond representation is also contained within our ourselves, and the works in this show compare and contrast this interior with the known codes of the exterior. The madness and the comfort that come from an encounter with the sublime are revisited in a mise en oeuvre of Memory vs. Present, of Analysis vs. Action.

The exhibition, which is Höglund’s third will include works on paper, photography, and video.

Press for the exhibition includes:

The Miami New Times