Samantha Salzinger: Nine

March 11th - April 1st, 2011


Gallery Diet is pleased to present Samantha Salzinger’s second solo show at Diet. These works explore the fabricated environment questioning the collective mind of the age, where reality is as malleable as a simulation and a simulation as lifelike as reality. Projecting mysterious places in an era of genesis, the images reference ideologies of popular culture that play to our fantasies, fears and desires. The metaphoric creation of the idyllic, sublime landscape, act as core unconscious escapism. Weaving together the awe of the grandeur of nature with science fiction, the viewer is dreamer in an imaginary world, optimistic of the future.

Samantha Salzinger graduated with a MFA in Photography from Yale University and is a two-time winner of the South Florida Cultural Consortium Grant. She has exhibited prolifically throughout South Florida at venues that include Gallery Diet, Locust Projects, The Museum of Art, Ft. Lauderdale, and The Girls Club, the private collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horovitz where she is a part of the permanent collection.