The Woodmans

February 17th - March 31st, 2012

Gallery Diet is pleased to present a four person exhibition with Betty Woodman, Charlie Woodman, Francesca Woodman, and George Woodman. This will be the second time that the four members of this extraordinarily influential American family of artists have exhibited together.

Betty Woodman is Internationally recognized as one of today’s most important sculptors using ceramics, since the 1950’s she has worked to challenge traditional notions of form and materiality through her manipulations of the material. Charlie Woodman has been working in the field of Electronic Art for more than twenty years creating works of sound, video, and interactive projects that blend live music with video projection. Francesca Woodman is best known for photographic works often using herself as the subject, her sophisticated images of the body are referenced by countless artists working with performance, photography and the body. George Woodman has worked in a variety of media including painting and sculpture, his current work focuses on photography, and photographs with paint on them.

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