Violets Violence Silence by Nathlie Provosty

June 20th - July 13th, 2013

Nathlie Provosty
Violets Violence Silence, 2013
Oil on linen

The painting exhibited, “Violets Violence Silence,” is slow and dark; it first appears as four dominant centralized circles. Yet after entering its space and submitting to its pace, the variation in the painted surface and color disrobes the image, opens into experience, my ultimate concern. A friend of mine has called the piece a “Trojan Horse.” -Nathlie Provosty

Violets Violence Silence is the second exhibition in a series for the summer of 2013 which highlights one work at a time for periods of two to three weeks. This series of exhibitions drives the viewers’ attention toward a single work within each artist’s practice. New works by Nicolas Lobo, Nathlie Provosty, Emmett Moore, Christy Gast, and Bhakti Baxter will be exhibited.

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