Art & The City: Top Players In Miami’s Arts Scene

November 20th, 2019

As Basel unleashes its artistic cachet on Miami this month, meet the individuals who keep Miami’s arts scene ticking all year long.

The Collaborators: Nina Johnson-Milewski and Emmett Moore

Come Art Week, Nina Johnson-Milewski will be exhibiting works from L.A.-based painter Eamon Ore-Giron (Dec. 2-Jan. 4), drawings by Southwestern artist and musician Terry Allen (Dec. 2-Feb. 8) and new sculptures by Nevine Mahmoud (through Jan. 4) at her eponymous gallery, while local artist/designer/sculptor Emmett Moore will have his latest creation on display at Design Miami/ (Dec. 3-8), as part of Mexico City’s Ago Projects. But on Thursday night, Dec. 5, they will team up to present something truly noteworthy, as they have done for the past four years. “When Emmett first started showing with the gallery I found out he was hosting some fellow RISD graduates during the art fairs for a casual dinner,” Johnson-Milewski recalls. “I loved the idea of fostering the relationship these artists shared, and being able to see them interact at the gallery was a total joy, so I asked Emmett if I could co-host. It was a natural fit.” Typically a catered meal is served around Johnson’s gallery space to guests including Katie Stout, Adam Charlap Hyman, Andre Herrero, Patrick Parrish, Alexandra Cunningham Cameron, Mark McDonald and Dwayne Resnick, but this year’s gathering will take place at the site of Moore’s future two-story home/studio in Spring Garden. Moore says someday it will be a concrete-and-glass nest filled with furniture he has designed, but these days, “it looks like a pavilion. It’s a shelter, but open.” Hard hats might be par for the course, but Johnson-Milewski says none of that matters: “It’s really just about spending time with people we love, who inspire us and who we know inspire each other.” Nina Johnson, 6315 NW Second Ave., Miami, 305.571.2288

By Riki Altman-Yee