Bhakti Baxter’s Darcey’s Law in MAG

November 21st, 2016

Taken from Bhakti Baxter’s Darcey’s Law by Hunter Braithwaite
Published December 2011/ January 2012,  Miami Art Guide


Darcy’s Law describes how a liquid disperses throughout a porous environment The natural analogues are plenty: visualizations resemble everything from floodplains to capillaries to migration patterns. One could also talk about it in cultural terms, just replace water with cultural impetus, and sandy terrain with the equally shifting landscape of Miami.

Late at night on Sunday October 23rd, the crowd was spilling out onto the sidewalk outside Tomorowland, the project space run by artist George Sanchez-Calderon. With characteristic nonchalance, Bhakti Baxter had kept details of his performance Darcy’s Law to a minimum. The back wall was illuminated by a projection of water and pennies on a plastic sheet. The projector was rigged with a small metal tube that the viewer could blow through, altering the arrangement of liquid and solid, and thus changing their projected specter. The resulting visualization looked like the combination of cell cultures and the set design of the 13th Floor Elevators…



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