BIO:DIP in Mousse Magazine

April 2nd, 2016

Red Bull Studios New York is proud to present “BIO:DIP”, a two-part exhibition composed of large-scale solo projects by Hayden Dunham and Nicolas Lobo, curated by Neville Wakefield.

For “BIO:DIP”, Miami-based artist Nicolas Lobo presents three full-size fiberglass swimming pools that he used to cast large sculptures out of fragrant soap. The pools are inverted and used as pedestals for the sculptures. Displayed atop the swimming pool molds, these uncanny soap forms are a sly nod to both the history of sculpture and to contemporary mass production. Additionally, Lobo has obscured the space’s window with a thick layer of lipstick. “BIO:DIP” is an exciting development for a singular artist who has long shifted the scale and context of materials designed for individual consumption to reveal the porous boundaries surrounding the human body embedded in a network of cultural and consumer objects.

Where Lobo’s installation responds to the scale of the building, Dunham focuses on the systems of care hidden within its industrial architecture. By tapping into the existing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems (HVAC), Dunham will create sculptures that interact with visitors through sensory transitions. What will begin as a solid frozen sculptural form is cycled through multiple states of ice, melted water, condensation and vapor before interacting and passing through the viewer’s body in the form of breathed air. Through a nimble manipulation of architectural systems, Dunham explores the economies of our bodies and the implications of our relationship with materials.

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