Christy Gast and Nicolas Lobo in Storefront

December 4th, 2013

“Shop windows and StoreFronts have been quiet conduits for the uncanny. As strange as one can imagine a play between a top hat and a pair of gloves may be, what may be really uncanny in Frederick Kiesler’s conception of the window display as the place where advanced art met mass culture is how prescient it was, when taken from a slightly different angle: it already announced, even if it didn’t know it, that the objects of advanced art would one day be no different from top hats and gloves. To the story of window displays and storefronts in the early 20th century, we have to add later developments: from Claes Oldenburg’s The Store (1961) to the storefronts that sustained the growth of the East Village scene in the 1980s to the widespread practice of artists opening small shops where ever they can. Taking all this into account, one wonders: How would artists react to the opportunity to consciously work in an empty shop? How does the artifice affect the production? Is a degree of self-consciousness mandatory? Can a weighty context be disregarded? Does display as medium or theme still have critical potential? It is around these questions that the exhibition StoreFront takes shape”.

– Text by Gean Moreno, StoreFront exhibition press release, 2012


Kevin Arrow
Loriel Beltran
Daniel Clapp
Christy Gast
Patricia Margarita Hernandez
Cristina Lei Rodriguez
Nicolas Lobo
Justin H. Long
Robert Lorie
Hugo Montoya
Gean Moreno
Ernesto Oroza
Carlos Rigau
Cesar Trasobares
Viking Funeral

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