Christy Gast’s Source at New York Art Book Fair

September 27th, 2012

 [NAME] Publications

[NAME] will be at New York Art Book Fair at PS1/MoMA this weekend (Sept.27-30)

We will be showcasing our latest release, Christy Gast’s Source

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Christy Gast
Miami Artists Series, Vol. 5
[NAME] Publications
9 inches x 6 inches, 100 pages

Source collects a growing archive of images that Miami-based artist Christy Gast has been gathering over the past decade in her travels. The book is a bank of photographs of objects and assemblages that, as Gast says, are like sculptures but aren’t sculptures: the rusted hulk of a shipwreck, a sheepskin left to cure on a pole, an array of beaver tails nailed to a timber, a loose arrangement of objects at a flea market. In some way, they are the counterparts to the objects that she produces in the studio; they are found raw source material that Gast tweaks and tinkers with in the studio.

Along with Source, we will have our others books available, including bootleg versions of our upcoming title Etruscan Monochromes by Nicolas Lobo.