Dreaming of life on Mars in Miami, Daniel Feinberg on Astral Weeks

August 31st, 2012

Dreaming of life on Mars in Miami, I consider the effects it might have on American painting. Black Gods from Outer Space affect the inner space of a few artists I am friendly with in New York, yet the psychotropic rove that is Dade County presents a cosmic cathexis in its formidable design district. Gallery Diet contains and expands upon a mutual investment of a community inquiry into the movement from observation to perception. From the false stasis and sway of a palm-treed reality to the erotic storm sustaining impossibility as form and vibes. The mind moves under the fluorescents of modular white cubes. Van Hanos guest curates the group show Astral Weeks, where alienated painting, sculpture, photography and film graft and splice and craft in space unidentifiable, deliriant, beautiful…

By Daniel Feinberg

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