Emmett Moore featured in House Magazine

April 10th, 2013

House Magazine, the Design and Interiors Issue, Spring 2913

Emmett Moore By: Shana Beth Mason Photography So-Min Kang

“Everything has to be tailored to get to the heart of the idea. Things are not completely perfect, and  think the handmade element is more interesting.”

Emmett Moore is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Art & Design. He has exhibited at Primary Projects, Gallery Diet, Locusts Projects and was the designer (along with showing artwork) for the Miami Art Museum’s ‘New Work’ show that runs through June.

There has to be a degree of satisfaction in using your hands to produce work – something emotionally sensitive, maybe nostalgic about handcrafting. Does that apply to you?
That’s what it’s all about. To me, it’s a total intergration of handmade and computer modelling. I spend more time physically making things than I do on a computer, but it’s always a back-and-forth.

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