Emmett Moore, Methods of Action

September 19th, 2014

Methods of Action, 2014
Jens Rizom’s Lounge Chair, the Eames shell chair, and the Emeco 1006 “Navy” chair, chains, locks.

1) NW 1st between West Flagler St. & NW 1st Street
2) NE 1st Avenue between East Flagler Street & NE 1st Street
3) SE 1st St netween SE 1st Ave and SE 2nd Ave

The title “Methods of Action” is based on a phrase Charles Eames used to describe design. The interactive installation will take place at three different stops for public transportation around Downtown Miami.  Three iconic chairs, Jens Rizom’s Lounge Chair, the Eames shell chair, and the Emeco 1006 “Navy” chair will be chained to public Bus stops for use by the public. The project will re-democratize three classic American designs originally intended for the masses. All three chairs were designed around technological advancements and material restrictions brought on by WWII.  All three chairs have been co-opted by high-end manufacturers and assimilated into an elite design vernacular. Placing the chairs at bus-stops counters a form of mass-market design that aims to dissuade users from getting too comfortable. Bringing these chairs into the public realm makes these chairs accessible once again while creating a playful and uncanny scenario.

Emmett Moore is an artist and designer specializing in furniture born in 1988 in Miami, where he lives and works. He attended Design and Architecture Senior High in Miami’s Design District and completed a BFA in Furniture Design at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. Recent exhibitions include a solo project with the Tom El-Saieh Presents project in Wynwood Arts District, Miami 2011. He has also been included in group exhibitions at Primary Flight His Wife, Her Lover in 2011 and at Praxis International, Home: Dream Home. Moore works with the design team of Architecture at Large in New York and for custom design projects for OHWOW Gallery in Los Angeles, CA (formerly of Miami, FL). Moore is preparing for a solo exhibition at Design Miami December 2014