Fabienne Lasserre at Jeff Bailey Gallery

March 23rd, 2012

Jeff Bailey Gallery is pleased to present Pitch, an exhibition of recent sculpture by Lonnie Holley, Fabienne Lasserre and Halsey Rodman.

Each artist combines disparate materials in innovative ways, resulting in works that hover between painting, drawing and sculpture.

Lonnie Holley’s sculptures are made of found materials as strong as concrete and as delicate as ribbon. In Lifting Me Over, wire, steel and concrete are twisted together to form a line drawing in space, revealing multiple facial profles. A large paperclip suspends wire, burlap, rock, wood and torn drawings in Hanging in the Business. As Holley has often stated, he seeks to give new life to materials that are typically discarded.

The three parts of Halsey Rodman’s sculpture, Gradually/We Became Aware/Of A Hum In The Room, function as color anchors in the exhibition. Horizontal triangles are mounted in corners of the gallery at varying heights, their yellow color puncturing these out of the way spaces. Phantom Construct/Prism/Tears In Rain, a standing three-sided sculpture on steel supports, features a near-identical abstract painting on each side. The paintings have been executed sequentially with the same shapes and colors, calling attention to the development of a composition, repetition, and the passage of time.

Fabienne Lasserre’s Pitchables function as paintings with undulating protrusions. Composed of linen strips and splotches of paint, fabric covered wire loops outward from the picture plane. Incomplete Act rests on the floor and features a slender white and brown form gently curving in midair. This is circled by an oval made of clay and linen. Lasserre stretches and elongates surface and form into both positive and negative spaces.

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