Fabienne Lasserre in Building Material at Control Room

January 26th, 2012

Building Material is a show based in community; how the contingencies and overlaps between a group of artists can be central to one’s practice. It is about making your peers and intimates your audience, and the specificity of the character of questions that can arise out of these conversations. It is also a show about structure, and the fundamental goal of architecture, which could be stated simply as: to make a space for something. In this case, that something is investigation, practice, and dialogue. In each of these practices, that something is meted out through questions of medium, history and proposition. That all of the artists here, in one way or another, have used the materials of construction as an allegorical content in the work feels right at home.

The show is also context specific, and intended to bring to the fore a meditation on the kind of community that artist run spaces can help to foster.

Opening Friday October 26, 7-10pm
Open Sundays 12-6 and by appointment through November 25, 2012


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