Great Expectations, at the home of Daniel Milewski and Nina Johnson-Milewski

December 3rd, 2014

Kitchens are for cooking, pools are for swimming, bedrooms are for sleeping, bathrooms are for bathing and living rooms are for entertaining.

Living in a home and navigating its interiors and exteriors is guided by many principles. Architecture and interior design define these principles via shape, color, texture, etc., and therefore determine all eventual states of play and restraint within the home.

Variations of these principals (which are too many to mention) propose possibilities that lean on functionality, whether it be minimal or elaborate and relate to pre-conceived ideas of a space and its specifics and intentions. The art object, as typically displayed in the home, is then also guided by these forces. A painting hangs within the parameters of a wall or above the sofa, a flower vase is on the table, a sculpture is in the garden. Content is also often driven by these principals; a Mapplethorpe in the bedroom, an Oldenburg in the kitchen, etc.

Great Expectations 2014 is a group exhibition, which takes place in the 1928 bungalow home of Daniel Milewski and Nina Johnson- Milewski. For this exhibition, Invisible Exports, Samson Projects, and The Box have been invited to ‘curate’ groups of artists and individual works to be presented, in addition new works by Katie Stout, Jim Drain, Magic Flying Carpets, Christy Gast, Nicole Cherubini, Gina Beavers, Rochelle Feinstein, Nicolas Lobo, David Brooks, Steph Gonzalez-Turner, Kathryn Garcia, and Virginia Overton will be presented.

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