Here’s what the local experts recommend for Art Week Miami 2022

November 21st, 2022

By Jane Wooldridge

What gets the experts revved? We asked South Florida museum directors what they’re most looking forward to this season. Here’s what they said:

Chana Budgazad Sheldon, Executive Director, Museum of Contemporary Art – North Miami

I’m excited about Raúl de Nieves at Nina Johnson gallery. In 2020 MOCA mounted an extensive survey of de Nieves’ work, so I’m excited to see what he’s been up to since. Over on the beach, the artist duo FriendsWithYou are erecting a 50-foot-tall public sculpture titled “Starchild” that will greet guests on their way to the Convention Center. I’ve been following them since MOCA exhibited their “Cloud City” at the Goldman Warehouse, back during Basel 2005! As far as fairs, I’m a big fan of Katia Rosenthal, so am looking forward to seeing her booth at the NADA art fair.

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