Mayami Son Machin Featured in Arte Al Día International

October 30th, 2011

Mayami Son Machin, has been reviewed in the August/September/October 2011 issue of Arte Al Día International magazine by Janet Bater.


Mayami Son Machín was, first and foremost, a fun exhibition and as is often the case with a good sense of humor, a keen commentary regarding our reality. The evident sense of pastiche in the title of the exhibition itself was the constant that guided Mayami Son Machínalong its amusing scrutiny of the prejudices and clichés that identify Latino culture.

The exhibition was curated by Stefan Benchoam and Emiliano Valdés, founders of Proyectos Ultravioleta, an independent arts management organization with headquarters in Guatemala City that has been developing a praiseworthy task aimed at the promotion of Guatemalan contemporary art.

On the basis of the epitome of Miami’s Latino music in the 1980s, Mayami Son Machín proposed an exploration of Latino idiosyncrasy that took as its point of departure three critical aspects announced in the title of the exhibit itself. The first of these, “Mayami”, made reference to the enclave of Miami as the image of desire for Latin America: a stereotype of commercial fulfillment, a glamorous holiday resort; but also an evidence of the migratory problem faced by Latin America, the exponent of the political and social reality of our countries.

The “son” then participated as the second zone of inquiry. A musical genre distinctive of the region, the son incarnates its melodic and sensual aspects, and imposes the erotic and musical commentary associated to Latino culture, while the “Machín” alluded to the macho cliché and the gender role….


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