Nicolas Lobo, À rebours (Against Nature)

September 19th, 2014

À rebours (Against Nature), 2014
Perfume, distilled water, aerators, timers, hoses.
Miami Center for Architecture and Design
100 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, FL 33132

Focusing on the intersection of the senses with cultural, emotional and technological systems of consumption, Nicolas Lobo designs systems of assimilation. His activities employ the use value of sensual perception in a knowledge economy. Every hour on the hour a perfume selected from the variety of downtown specialty shops will be released onto street level via misting nozzles. The scent will be mixed with distilled water and misted from a one story height so that it caries for several blocks depending on the breeze. In the past Lobo has used materials including grape flavored cough syrup, an aphrodisiac soft drink and play-dough to produce projects that give form to a distinct sensory economy.

Nicolas Lobo received a BFA from The Cooper Union in 2004, he now lives and works in Miami. He has exhibited at internationally recognized venues including the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami ,Miami Art Museum , Marlborough Chelsea , the de la Cruz collection , Lisa Cooley Gallery , the NADA  art fair, ARTIS  in the Netherlands and Ines Barrenechea  in Madrid. In addition, Lobo has recently published an artist book through [Name] publications.