Nicolas Lobos’ featured in Flaunt Magazine

April 20th, 2013

Nicolas Lobos’ radio project at de la Cruz collection and publication “Etruscan monochromes” featured in Flaunt Magazine.

Ephemeral, yes. Disruptive, interactive, space based media, yes. But the physicality of OneofOne’s radio van itself served Art Basel as a kind of timeless vesicle, where friends could pile in to enjoy one of culture’s most timeless acts: cruising, or as Ulrich might call it, “romping about.” He shares, “It’s sort of an integrated interference in that everyone felt like they were part of the van. And it was an amazing feeling as so many people were interested and with such short notice, from musicians to the engineer help we got, and the commitment to hang out as we romped around the city. Its entertainment– for the sake of enjoyment, cinema, a peep show, whatever– a transmission for enjoyment, rather than say propaganda, or the weather, or economic data. It’s a way of trying to shape data and that’s interesting. That’s the nucleus to the project.”

from Somewhere Between 87.9 MHZ and 91.9 MHZ
Written By: Matthew Bedard for Flaunt Magazine

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