Notes: Returning to Felix, Frieze Los Angeles and The Future Perfect

March 8th, 2024
Photo by Rigo Ramirez

Uncovering inspiration at three of the most compelling art and design destinations in the global circuit


I missed Los Angeles Art Week in 2023 for one very good reason: I wanted to attend my husband’s ceremony to become an American citizen here at home in New York City. This year, with no conflict of such magnitude present, I made my way back to LA and, prior to joining a slate of events organized by BMW in celebration of their latest color-changing concept car, I moved into the legendary Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. I chose the Hollywood Roosevelt because it recently underwent a series of impressive renovations (which included two spectacular penthouse suites by Los Angeles-based firm Kevin Klein Design) and because it hosts the Felix Art Fair. I wanted to maximize time with colleagues beside the pool (which features underwater embellishments by David Hockney) and have the earliest access to explorations through gallery installations tucked into poolside bungalows and throughout guest rooms in two floors of the tower. Every time I attend Felix, I leave feeling refreshed.

There’s a celebratory, hurried nature to all of Los Angeles Art Week, though the pace feels more manageable than that of its elder (though equally sunny) sibling on the circuit, Miami Art Week. This year, the city itself staged an abundance of high-profile art world parties, including the chic 10th anniversary soirée for the Serpentine Americas Foundation at the home of Sybil Robson Orr and Matthew Orr (which housed eye-catching works by Alex Israel, James Turrell and many others), Wet Paint‘s late-night fête at Mars Hollywood with Cultural Counsel, and Nota Bene‘s dazzling cocktail reception at the West Hollywood EDITION.

This year marked the sixth edition of Felix—and more than 60 art institutions undertook the task of transforming guest rooms into gallery spaces. From Montauk, The Ranch (which also simultaneously exhibited at Frieze) presented sculptural works from Matt Johnson (including a basketball Jack O’Lantern and a cosmically sliced apple). Nearby, Miami-based Nina Johnson dedicated her space to a solo show of riveting woven reed works by the Chicago-based artist Dee Clements.

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  • Photo by Rigo Ramirez
  • Dee Clements: Felix Art Fair 2024, Installation View. Photography by Chris Hanke.
  • Dee Clements: Felix Art Fair 2024, Installation View. Photography by Chris Hanke.
  • Dee Clements: Felix Art Fair 2024, Installation View. Photography by Chris Hanke.