Ones To Watch: The List

March 26th, 2024
Dee Clements, Woman Seated, 2023, Reed, dye, gouache paint, spray paint, ceramic, polyurethane, 35 h x 29 dia in.

29 designers, architects, and artists to watch in 2024

We asked, they answered. Design Miami’s top collectors, curators, designers, and tastemakers tell us who they currently have their eye on and why. Scroll on to be inspired.

Germane Barnes, Designer & Architect

Leyuan Li/“[Leyuan] is an incredible architectural designer who draws from his Chinese heritage to raise awareness of cultural possibilities in typically absent landscapes.” @li_leyuan

Curry Hackett/“[Curry’s] work weaving multiple African American histories and alternative speculations through the use of artificial intelligence is simply remarkable. He is able to generate entire worlds through simple text prompts that make one proud to be Black American.” @curryhackett

Jennifer Bonner/ “[Jennifer’s] design work is whimsical and full of pop-culture references. Mass timber is her material of choice, and her Haus Gables has found itself in the music videos of Latto, 6lack, and many other Atlanta stars.”

Nina Johnson, Gallerist, Nina Johnson Gallery

Germane Barnes /“[Germane] is more of a global superstar than one to watch, but I can’t help but include him given that this Chicago native has been calling Miami home for the past several years. 2024 will bring his first major U.S. solo museum exhibition.” @germane.barnes

Dee Clements /“We’re delighted to be presenting an entirely new body of work by Dee at Felix LA this spring. Dee’s woven sculptures, which call to mind conversations surrounding the female form, are exquisitely rendered in natural fibers and bring a fresh perspective to dialogues surrounding craft.” @studio_herron

Farrell Hundley/“[Farrell Hundley] is a Los Angeles-based duo [of William Farrell and Elliott Hundley] doing extraordinary things in bronze. Their works, which range from intimate jewelry boxes and vases to large-scale chandeliers and furniture, call to mind ancient artifacts, natural elements, and the complexity of working in metal.” @farrellhundley

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  • Dee Clements, Woman Seated, 2023, Reed, dye, gouache paint, spray paint, ceramic, polyurethane, 35 h x 29 dia in.
  • Germane Barnes, Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown (3), 2020, Metal, rope, wood, putty, 40 x 20 x 21 in.
  • Dee Clements, Lattice Pendent, 2023, Powder coated stainless steel, reed, dye, polyurethane, UL certified lighting parts 22 h x 22 dia in.
  • Farrell/Hundley, Daphne, 2022, Bronze, Neon, Glass, Iron, 27 x 17 x 32 in.