Rachel Perry Welty 24/7 at Zimmerli Art Museum

January 28th, 2012

Rachel Perry Welty 24/7

Voorhees Special Exhibition Gallery
Jan 28, 2012 – Jul 08, 2012


Rachel Perry Welty is a conceptual artist who creates humorous, beautifully crafted, process-based work on the subject of life in the twenty-first century. Addressing issues that include consumerism and the cycle of purchasing, collecting and eventual purging, as well as social networking, information overload, narcissism, language and time, she uses fruit stickers, restaurant take-out containers, messages left on her answering machine, medical records, toys, and email spam as materials for her art. By drawing attention to what she describes as the “business of living” – the  unremarked and insignificant moments, detritus, and every day materials of our lives – Welty reminds us to look at what we overlook and to pay attention to the momentary.


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