ROMPELOTAS in Flavorpill

October 29th, 2011

A certain vibration — or an affinity for form and elegant motion — runs through local artist Bhakti Baxter’s work. His newest solo exhibition at Gallery Diet, Rompelotas (a loose play on the Spanish term for “ball-breaker”), only further bolsters his internationally celebrated reputation. Baxter’s busted soccer balls bursting with vibrant streams of paint, a bold, geometrically abstract wall sculpture entitled “Root Beer,” and a splattered mass of green and sandy color against royal blue (resembling an aerial shot of an island) are all playful, highly self-aware insights he brings into the visual realm. Nonsense transforms into aesthetic lyricism for Baxter, immediately sensed by the viewer as you’re greeted by a gallery space swathed in a pulsating, sexy green tone. This is Baxter’s first solo show in four years and also his first at Gallery Diet.

Taken from ‘Bhakti Baxter:ROMPEOTAS’  by Shana Beth Mason, Flavorpill
Published October 2011