SoftCells Presents Nicolas Lobo: Chemical Shading Cycle

March 22nd, 2018

Chemical Shading Cycle
The Agnes is smoking a Parliament in front of The Wellness Spa. 
The Agnes wears The Necklace to keep track of the waxing and waning whiteness of her teeth.  
The Necklace is made from The Vita Shade Guide.  
Each tooth, from Ivory to Clorox is arrayed in a circle on her chest.  Instead of performing her usual tics, she grabs the necklace and awkwardly scratches her neck with it.  Rote motion with no emotion.
The Necklace forms a complete cycle. 
One week of staining, one week of bleaching.
This week is a darkening cycle. 
The Agnes rinses The teeth with a tea infused mouthwash.  
The bathroom has several mirrors as well as stone tile in an ivory shade. 
She watches herself in the mirror as she spits the mouthwash into the sink.
She poses in front of the ivory colored stone. The off-white teeth are beginning to match the sunspots on her face. And the tiles. Small pearly, observations on the job. ?
The Necklace forms a complete cycle. 
One week of staining, one week of bleaching
This week is a lightening cycle.
EXT. THE LOS ANGELES - MIDDAY TONES OF LIGHT.  A white marble building
The Agnes is wearing a tooth whitening mouthpiece. It’s reflecting a light beam onto the marble wall.
She removes it carefully, along with a spider thread of glistening saliva,  and she rinses out her mouth with a bottle of water. 
She holds The Necklace up to the marble, turning it until the shade matches the stone. 
She takes a picture.