The Umpire in The Miami New Times

January 10th, 2013

At Gallery Diet, Daniel Milewski continues exploring life in Miami’s artiest neighborhood in his solo show “Umpire.” The exhibit includes photography, collage, and sculpture riffing on the “banality” of everything from clothing to photography to memory, Milewski says.
“What most interests me are the circumstances or things hidden in the mundane,” he says. “That can be as complicated as a crazy spectacle, but the circumstances often get unnoticed.”
The collection, created in 2012, also reflect his experiences of the vagaries of daily life while running Lester’s, his bar/coffeehouse/art space just down the block from Diet. On view as a sculpture that looks like a pair of stilts draped in tie-dyed T-shirts, a sepia tinged portrait of Henry Flagler, and a photo collage depicting smooching punk rockers sporting porcupine Mohawks.
“I like the idea of the ‘Umpire’ because he’s like a governor watching over a game,” Milewski adds. “The umpire makes the rules but doesn’t determine the outcome of what happens in the game…”

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