Rochelle Feinstein: I’m With Her

November 28th - December 27th, 2014

I’M WITH HER – Rochelle Feinstein is a painter.
She is “with” her painting and her painting is with her. Irrevocably, inseparably. Together as ever, a pair of animate and inanimate entities, interdependent and YET with annoying agency. Who, which one, is the Her–is the perplexing question.

A curated slide show of 84 collected works, annotated, punctured and drawn upon – Analog Retrospective, 1992-2008. 2013

Love Is Over!, double mirrored panels; painted, leaning, propped, a cockeyed reflection on love and narcissism.

In Anticipation of Women’s History Month, a gritty painting pierced appropriately celebratory buttons stuck INTO it,

A glamourously grim painting partnered with a revolving disco ball, entitled Boo Fucking Hoo.

Gallery Diet is delighted to present Rochelle’s first solo show in Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach 2014. The exhibition brings together a group of works ranging from 1991 to the present, objects of post facto premonitions, of sorts, in a commercial space. No holds barred in love and war.

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