Nicolas Lobo at Wharton + Espinosa

May 11th, 2013

Work by Nicolas Lobo will be displayed at Wharton + Espinosa in West Hollywood, California.

“Nicolas Lobo’s Grape Syrup Action for Paul Octavian Nazca’s “U Smile 800% Slower” cross-contaminates ascending mega-trends in a deadpan video documenting an enigmatic mark-making activity. The imagery captures a person, covered head to toe in protective painting gear, spraying purple fluid onto the large interior walls of a warehouse. This ambiguous action is set to the sounds of hypnotic distant howls surging in wavelike rhythms. The purple fluid sprayed from a hacked fire extinguisher is grape cough syrup, Screw music’s drug of choice. Lobo’s weaving line of oozy, evaporating purple syrup embodies a drawing practice he refers to as Palsy Drawing, which he explains as a technique derived from non-representational early childhood mark making that is directly tied to developing neurological patterns.”

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