Nina Johnson-Milewski Gives Her Recomendations for Wynwood in New York Magazine

March 22nd, 2013

Nina Johnson-Milewski, owner of Wynwood’s Gallery Diet, credits the newly overhauled Emerson Dorsch (151 NW 24th St.; 305-576-1278) with pioneering the area’s formidable arts scene and featuring work “not traditionally viewed as market-friendly, like performance art and installations.” To unwind, digital artist Troy Abbott likes Wynwood Cigar Factory (101 NW 24th St.; 888-319-9939), a hybrid cigar lounge and art gallery set in a 5,000-square-foot warehouse. The space is covered in vibrant street art—from the walls to the rolling tables—and sells hand-rolled cigars and cigar boxes painted by local artists. “It’s chill,” says Abbott. “There’s painting, photography, and sculpture amid the smell of fresh tobacco and a pumping soundtrack…

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